About our Canadair book

Canadair Project - Feb 8th

Dear friends,
As we are still waiting after some quotation results before selecting our printing company, we are getting a bit behind schedule and the extreme cold affecting our country is slowing things down. No worry however, we are still progressing according to the plan and we should be able to finalize everything shortly now.
More news as soon as possible




Our Canadair project

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that our Canadair entreprise is proceeding quite well. So well that the 60 pages will become 64 ! In view of the superb quality of some pictures we have received, we have decided to add a 4-page photo section to end the book.

We could not muster the expected amount but we've gone too far to quit. We now have to select the printing company and the project carries on.

Thank you again for your support !