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Le Bourget Aviation Comics Fair

Both authors attended the small Aviation Comics fair at Le Bourget this week-end with a handfull of freshly printed copies and the book seems to please quite a lot.
Additionnaly, we are of course very happy to have met this challenge and we are
now proceeeding with the dispatch of the subscribers' copies. Also, we have opened an online shop on our website (tab on top of this page), do not hesitate to tell around you about it. Our generous contributors are not forgotten either.

The adventure goes on !


End of the road

Well, folks, here we are, for real this time. The (minor) cover problem has been solved and we will receive all the books by the end of next week. In the meantime, those of you who have accepted this first variant will have the pleasure to read it... hopefully.

Now that we concluded this project, we will start our new book soon to be presented here.

A warm thank you to all our followers and we hope our next project will attract your attention

See you soon


The book is out

HERE IT IS !!! At last, we have the book. I will not say anything good or bad about it, you'll juge by yourself. Only we have one more problem to solve with our printing company but we do have a handfull of books in our possession. Now here are the options :
1) You're not too demanding and you're really impatient, we can send the book to you now
2) you are rightfully demanding and you prefer to wait for the "perfect" version... but then you'll have to wait a bit more.
We will contact all our subscribers, if we have your email and let you decide. In the meantime, final release will have to wait some more.

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question about this release


Here we go !

Friends, the printing has started as we have received our ISBN number at the end of the last week.

Finalizing, making and delivering the book will take a few more days and we'll start our mailing just afterwards. We'll surely expedite the mailings as fast as possible but our "real jobs" also have an agenda to be met. We know we cannot compare with a "real publisher".

Anyway, we thank you again for your patience and we hope our efforts will meet your expectations.



ISBN delay

Dear Subscribing Friends,

Our printing company is ready to start the job but we will only get our ISBN number at the end of this month so we are very sorry to announce a new 2/3-week delay. The French subscribers will see their cheques have been cashed, as the VAT on books is due to rise, we need to pay part of the printing before the rate change. This definitely announces that our book will be out very soon now.

Thank you all for your patience, we sincerely hope the content of our book will make you forget these last minute delays when you start reading.


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Last sprint

We keep finishing our book every week ! The printing process is currently stopped as we are waiting after our ISBN number (protecting and referencing our work) but, as our provider has "the finger on the key", the printing will start as soon as we get it. 

The flashing step permitted us to find some small errors that have been immediately corrected but we unfortunately fear you will find more.

Thank you for your patience


Printing soon

Here we are! We have found our printing company and even had a prototype in our hands earlier this week. However, we have found that some of our pictures are not satisfactory and needed to be replaced. The time to proceed with these last corrections and we will be able to launch the printing, aiming at mailing the books before the end of the month.

Of course we are a bit late and we apologize for that but to be honest, even we would have been surprised to meet our agenda...

Coming out soon now


Canadair Project - Feb 8th

Dear friends,
As we are still waiting after some quotation results before selecting our printing company, we are getting a bit behind schedule and the extreme cold affecting our country is slowing things down. No worry however, we are still progressing according to the plan and we should be able to finalize everything shortly now.
More news as soon as possible